Cluster launches to make creating collaborative photo albums simple.

Today we’re very excited to officially launch Cluster, an app that will let friends and family collect each other’s photos from a shared experience in an exceptionally simple way.

The best experiences in life are enjoyed with other people. Since we all carry amazing cameras in our pockets these days, these experiences are usually captured by many different members of the group. Unfortunately, it’s never been easy for everyone to share and exchange photos after an event — until now.


Cluster makes this process effortless. After a shared experience — like a birthday party, wedding, or hang-gliding lesson — you simply open Cluster and choose a group of photos in order to create an album. Once you tag people to join the album, they launch Cluster and the app helps them find relevant photos to add.

Voilà! After just a couple of taps, everyone has contributed photos that the whole group can browse or download. Now it’s easier than ever to share photos after you share experiences.

We want to start simple, and our first goal is to make creating these collaborative albums quick and easy. Once you have a shared album, the possibilities are endless — and we’ll be rolling out new features to make the experience even more fun soon.

We really hope you enjoy this app. Please don’t be shy with sending feedback.

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